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Why choose a Lyon & Healy CPO harp?

  • All harps have the unparalleled Lyon & Healy sound.
  • Harps must meet or be reconditioned to pass stringent inspection standards.
  • All the benefits of a Lyon & Healy-backed warranty are provided.

A Lyon & Healy trained technician performs a meticulous inspection and regulation. Only the harps that meet the highest standard, with excellent sound, are considered a Lyon & Healy CPO harp and given a warranty that begins on the date of your purchase. Most harps that you'll find on lyonhealycpo.com have only been lightly used, but occasionally we acquire harps that need a little extra work. It's a good think that the knowledge and skill that Lyon & Healy has gathered over 120 years of harpbuilding is evident in our expert repair of aging instruments, or instruments with accidental damage. Whether it is re-riveting a harp's mechanism, replacing a neck or soundboard, rebuilding the body base frame or any finishing/gilding repairs, you can be assured of our attention to detail. Additionally, Lyon & Healy guarantees its work. Do you have a Lyon & Healy harp that could use some attention? Click here for more information found on Lyon & Healy's website.